North Georgia Mountain Retreat Center


As we discover what best serves the facility, times, dates and policies are subject to change.  These policies are here to serve all of us.  Please work with us to have it be a pleasant, healthy, safe environment for all of us.                     


There is an adjustment period at Enota.  We are a very very quiet rural environment.  When you come from the toxic city life where there are sirens, noise, pollution, fluoride in the water and electromagnetic fields, you will have to adjust.  You will most likely be exhausted from the built up stress that you are unaware of.  Initially the unknown fatigue in your body, you will be aware of it.  This is not an easy adjustment for most people.  Please prepare yourself  for this process.  It is one of the reasons we have a six week probation period.  

The stressful morning commute you are used to will not be present. You are going to be exposed to clean water, clean air, and a less stimulated environment. Please be aware you will be going through a detox process on this property, depending on how toxic your past environment was.  


Animal Policy

One SMALL animal is permitted per RV or tent site.  They are not allowed in shared accommodations.  Please advise us of the size, type and weight.  No new animals after arrival at Enota.  We are an animal refuge; therefore it is essential that your pet not bother the wild life.  You must be highly responsible for your pet.  It is a requirement and in their best interest to be responsible pet owners by keeping your pets on a leash, picking up after them and keeping them from bothering others by their barking. Animals are not allowed in the Lodge.   We know you love your animals; please work with us to keep your dogs confined.  Too many dogs create a pack mentality.  

There are two small dogs, Spirit and Smeagol, that run freely throughout the property for the guests to enjoy.  These were rescue animals. 


We work with the general public.  It is important that we are sensitive to the needs of our guests and that we appear professional.  Appearing professional means - no torn clothes, no short-shorts, not  wearing the same dirty clothes every day, no revealing clothing.  Neat and clean with good hygiene and grooming is required.  Uniforms are worn at all times when you are on the Enota property.  You are expected to pay for your own uniform.  Please have at least three sets of uniforms so you can stay clean.  See more on appearance under the "Tattoos ..." section.


Public facilities are judged heavily on the cleanliness of the bathrooms.  As you use the public bathrooms, please leave them better than you found them.  If any supplies need to be replenished -- please do so;  if trash needs to be emptied -- empty it; pick up paper on the floor.  It is up to everyone to keep them clean.  Help us serve the public -- this really matters.  We have brand new wonderful bathrooms - let's keep them sparkling. 


Bicycles are a wonderful thing to have on the property - you might want to bring your bicycle with you.  It is a great form of exercise.


Please bear with us as we strive for excellence.  Change is inevitable.  We are a work-in-progress and everything is subject to change – especially if it isn’t working.  Please do not change anything without checking first - there are systems already in place and we can not accommodate every personal preference.  If you have suggestions please let us know.

Clean Up - Clean Up - Clean Up

Don't leave things out.  For everything left out there will be an extra hour of service for each thing left out by that person.  This is a professional service business.  Guests are always around.  This is not your personal space to be trashed.  If you see someone not picking up their things, please let them know.  This hurts us all.

Thursday evenings are clean up time preparing for the weekend guest rush.  Clean up throughout the week so this becomes unnecessary - grounds and anything else a guest can see.

Common Needs of Group

We are a business and must be able to have the necessary supplies and equipment to make our facility run properly. Do not take anything we use for our guests, or facility. It may be available to you, but ask before you take something.

Enota provides a beautiful setting and a high quality of life. This includes lodging, utilities, food from the farm, internet and cell phone access. All cleaning supplies and personal items, you will be responsible for.

Communal areas are to be cleaned on a rotating schedule. All communal areas should be clean and free of personal items. There will be a day off work penalty (meaning you will be working on your day off) if this is not followed. We must have a clean facility at all times.


Cigarette Smoking & Tobacco Use

We are a non-smoking facility - this means that we do not accept smokers unless you live off of the property.  No smoking on the property.


Conflict Resolution /Gossip/Nattering

Negativity is grounds for immediate termination. Enota has a zero tolerance policy regarding negativity.

Nothing hurts or is as destructive to a group of people as much as people talking negatively behind the scenes or gossiping about others.  Do not talk about others when they are not present.  If you are listening to another gossip, it is the same as gossiping.  This will not be tolerated at Enota.  If you have an upset or grievance with someone, first go to that person for resolution or to someone who can resolve the issue.  If you have a grievance or issue that cannot be overcome through direct communication, meditation and prayer, you may make an appointment with a Manager.  Constructive communication is always welcome through the proper channels in the spirit of improvement and looking for the good.

Conservation Policy

          We are a conservation and demonstration facility and ask that you work with us to be energy efficient.  Turn off all unused lights anywhere you see them.  Only run your air conditioning and heating when occupying your unit or in the winter as required to keep pipes from freezing.   Try to keep your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees and no freestanding electric heaters.

Daily Work Requirements

This is a service based, professional work environment. We are a business. You are expected to show up on time, in uniform, for your assigned shifts. If for some reason you are unable to be here on time, or can not make your shift, you MUST call management in advance so your shift can be covered. Like any job, if you do not show up without notice, you will be let go.

On any day you are scheduled to work, and guests needs require assistance after your hours have ended for the day, you will be expected to work. Guests are the reason we are all here.


Drugs and Alcohol

We encourage people to get high off nature and God.

Enota is a substance free environment. No drugs or alcohol are acceptable on this property. The sale and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages and illegal or recreational drugs are not permitted on or off the property.  Drinking alcohol by Work Exchangers or Workampers on Enota property is not allowed.

Enota Guest Fraternization


We are here to serve our guests with a great attitude and friendly service. We do not eat, drink, take gifts from, or hang out with our guests after hours. Even if they offer, we do not fraternize with them. It is unprofessional! They are not your personal resource. Do not take rides, go to town etc. with our guests. Do not do anything with our guests, except take care of them and serve them. If you do not understand this, you will not be able to work here.

Family Visiting

Family is fundamental and very important to us.  Let us know in advance when your family is planning to visit.  At least two weeks notice is necessary for us to adjust your schedule to give you time to visit with your family.   Your family is welcome to visit Enota for the day without paying the gate fee or car pass fee with advance notice.  If they stay longer overnight or longer, it will be as paying guests.  Please discuss arrangements with manager.  A 20% discount will be allowed for all types of accommodations for your immediate family, except during holiday weekends and depending upon availability, if they are not staying in your personal RV.


We are a nature preserve.  No fishing is allowed in the Enota streams, but is allowed in the pond in front of the Lodge.  The policy is the same as guest fishing, "catch keep" and pay the guest rate on all you catch.  Many of our fish wash down stream.  There is very good fishing in the National Forest.  You are allowed to use the Enota fishing equipment on property and off and are expected to return it to the proper place.


Any raw ingredients or uncooked items are not to be taken from Enota commercial kitchen in the lodge to your residence for your personal meals as they are part of our meal planning and for the benefit of our guests.  All food comes from the farm house and not our commercial kitchen in the lodge.  We advocate for a plant-based diet.  Animal based products are available only on a limited basis.  We do not provide organic food except for what is only provided from our garden when in season.  We also provide eggs and raw milk from our farm.


Most Enota Resident Service positions are physical in nature and require a moderate degree of strength and stamina.  All health care needs and other personal business will need to be attended to during your personal time.  

It is expected that you will be able to maintain a level of physical, emotional and mental health that allows you to actively participate in the Enota lifestyle and fulfill your service responsibilities.  If you are physically or emotionally unable to fulfill your commitment, you may be asked to discontinue your participation until you are well enough to fully participate.

You are responsible for all your health care treatment and medical costs, including but not limited to doctors’ visits, prescription drugs and hospitalization.  This also includes the costs of any food supplements you might need if the menu provided does not meet your health or taste preferences. 

We are committed to assisting you in healing, mind, body and spirit.  Because much of the service we do here at Enota can be physically challenging, it is essential that a Manager be made aware of any special needs, physical or psychological, immediately and ongoing.  It is your responsibility to take care of your own well-being.  

We are not a treatment or recovery center.


On Thanksgiving and Christmas day we have a big holiday feast for ourselves and the guests. Your family and friends are welcome at the guest prices.

Internet Access

Free Internet access is provided through various WI-FI hotspot throughout the property.  You are welcome to get your own telephone and Internet service at your site at your own expense.


Laundry can be done in the laundry machines at the farm house.  Please work together to with others to have a full load.  You are responsible to provide your own laundry supplies. You can cost share with other workers. When doing your laundry, please stay in attendance so as to free up the equipment quickly for the next person’s use.   Do not use guest linens, blankets, or quilts from the lodge.  All bedding will be found at the farm house. 


DO WHAT IS RIGHT.  KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT.  If your circumstances warrant that you must break your commitment or you just don't want to continue having the courage to communicate - leave on good terms.  Give us as much notice as possible so that we cover your position and you do not leave a hardship on those continuing on.  Leave you site or space ready for the next person.  Put everything back, wash your sheets, return books, tapes and tools, and don't take anything that is not yours - it is stealing.  Leave with our blessings and well wishes and be welcomed back.  If you break your commitment no stipend is due.

Litter, Maintenance & Clutter

As you walk the grounds, pick up any litter, paper or cigarette butts. Report any maintenance issues to the Front Desk.  Don't leave things out in public view, please put it back in its proper place.  If you see things left out or clutter around the property, please help by picking it up and putting it away.   It is easy to have things accumulate.  Help us keep Enota clean – it takes all of us.  All entrance doors, particularly around the Lodge, must be kept clear of debris and garbage.


The lodge is NOT a communal facility. Please conduct yourself in a business manner when at the Lodge. This is where our guests are forming their opinions of us. You MUST be in uniform at all times in the Lodge.


Have your mail sent to your name, c/o Enota, 995 Hwy 180, Hiawassee, GA  30546. 

Meal Plan

We are a health minded facility and we encourage everyone to eat as healthy as possible, which is up to you.  Since you are a work-exchanger and since Enota is a non-profit organization, you qualify for Georgia's food allowance program at $189 per month.  We will help you sign up for this program.  You are also welcome to produce from our garden.  Also available are fresh eggs and raw milk from our cow.   It up to workampers to take turns preparing meals which are served at the farm house.

Movie Rental and Library

We have approximately 1,000 video movies.  All videos are available to Residents free providing appropriate paper work is filled out and videos are put away when finished.  We have a large lending library.  You are welcome to check out books at the Front Desk.  If you have books that you would like to donate, we are always looking to expand our library.

Organic Garden & Animal Farm

We have a five-acre organic garden and encourage everyone to participate and work with us so that we can have our own fresh, homegrown, organic produce.  Farming is labor intensive.  If we want this blessing, we need service participation.  We are working to have a CSA (community supported agriculture).  We welcome your participation in preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting our garden.


Personal Property and Automobiles

Shared housing, the laundry room and other Enota spaces will not have locks on the doors and Enota is not responsible for your personal property.  If you have an automobile, you are required to keep it legally registered, licensed and insured and you are responsible for any damage that may occur while it is parked on Enota property.  Storage space is limited in the bunkhouses for your personal items.  Please only bring essential items.  You may use your personal vehicle for additional storage.

Personal Space/Decks

We are open to the public at all times.  Please keep the farm house, Micmac, RV sites &  decks clean and free from all items & debris.  Please make sure all spaces look beautiful and professional.

Personal Telephone Calls

Free long distance anywhere in the continental United States is available on the front porch and farm house telephones for personal calls.  Personal telephone calls are to be received on the porch telephone (706-896-0013) or farm house (706-896-0047).  Please arrange a time for your callers to call that telephone. If personal calls are received by the Front Desk, we will notify the caller that we will attempt to locate you and arrange for them to call back on the porch telephone at a specific time.  Of course, in an emergency, calls can be received at the main number, 706-896-9966, not the 800 number.  If you desire a telephone hookup at your RV site, you may have one at your own expense.


If you have your own RV, propane is not included in your housing.  Propane can be purchased in town or when the truck comes to fill Enota’s tanks, we can have them fill your personal tanks at your expense.  No small electric heaters are permitted.

Rain Days

Due to the nature of our work, with most conducted outside, days of rain, when there is not a retreat, will be your day off. If there is a retreat, we will switch you day off as not to be during retreat dates.  Please be sure to check with the Front Desk to see if you are needed.


We encourage everyone to recycle.  We have composting and recycling bins available in the Lodge and by the TV room.


Sacred Space & Behavioral Code         

Enota is intended to be a healing environment that reflects the holistic and spiritual values stated in the Operating Principles.  Guests and work-exchanger come to Enota and enter into a relationship of deep trust with each other.  Therefore, we ask a commitment to be respectful of this trust and help create an environment that is safe, free from distractions and supportive of the deep inner work offered at Enota.

Specifically, we ask that your intention in being a work-exchanger is to explore your deeper self.   You are also here to support others as they explore their own self-empowerment.  You are asked to remain aware of your power and the trust placed in you so that you do not consciously or unconsciously distract, coerce or harass any guests or other staff.

During your first four months at Enota, we ask that you refrain from dating, flirting, playing sexual or romantic games and engaging in excessive physical contact that could be interpreted as sexual or romantic with any guests or other staff.  This is to support each member in his/her deep personal work by not being distracted by another’s energy.  We ask you also refrain from public displays of affection that may be interpreted as sexual or romantic with any individual while on the Enota grounds in order to foster safe, sacred space for all to do their deep inner work.  Enota values committed relationships.  We ask that you give yourself at least four months to heal personally and become whole before embarking upon a new relationship and at that time, not with anyone who has not passed the four-month time frame.

If during your commitment, you become aware of an attraction to another, we ask that you seek out the guidance your peers before acting upon this attraction.  Your fellow work-exchangers are there to mentor, support and guide you toward your deepest self-awareness and are not there to judge.

The Sacred Space/Behavioral Code does not apply to work-exchanger who come to Enota already in relationship.


Safety is paramount.  If you see or know of anything that is unsafe or dangerous to yourself, children or the public, please fix it or let us know so that it can be handled.  Wear closed-toed shoes, safety glasses, gloves and use proper equipment when doing service.  Please take care of yourself.


Report and don't keep secrets that are harmful to Enota.  If you see someone doing anything unsafe, stealing, lying or not keeping their commitments - report it.  Otherwise you are just as much a part of the problem.  

Report Gossip.  It is not honorable to allow damaging behavior.  It hurts everybody.  An organization or person is only as sick as their secrets.  Don't keep secrets.

Services or Classes to Offer

If you have a service or gift to offer such as a massage, healing or other therapy, or have expertise in a subject that may be of interest to the Residents or our Guests, please let us know. We will attempt to incorporate them.

Shared Accommodations

- Always know the public is coming and going and we must represent cleanliness.

- Absolutely NO smoking!!!

- Please use headphones with any personal electronics.

- Honor all that live here – be clean, neat and quiet if someone is sleeping.  Always keep the noise down.  RESPECT EACH OTHER.

- 10 p.m. – Quiet time – lights out in the bunkhouse.  TV room is available for after hours.

- Do not leave any of your belongings lying around any where.

- Keep your clothes in your drawer or hung on hooks.

- Nothing is to be left on the floor but shoes.

- Make your bed every day.  Do not keep any food in the bunkhouse….ants & rodents!

- Bathroom must be left clean and wiped up for the next person.  Squeegee the shower after use.

- Thoroughly clean your shared accommodations.  Everyone must participate who lives in the bunkhouse.  Vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, sweeping, thorough bathroom cleaning.

- Leave nothing on outside railings.

- Bring no one into the bunkhouse that is not staying.  Other facilities are available for socializing

- If you don’t want to keep your space clean – get a tent!



RV Sites typically consist of water, electric, sewer, concrete pads, picnic tables, fire rings and grills.  A few times a year, particularly the three main holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day) and during the month of October, it may be necessary for to move off your site to another location on the property.  We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.  Please work with us.  A sewer dump station is available on the property.  Typically it will not be for any longer than four days.  


Stipend Award

After your initial six week Probation Period, if you qualify, a stipend may be available. Enota is a service-based organization and this stipend award is to cover the bare essentials that are not yet covered by Enota. The stipend is an award and is not to be construed in any way as payment for services. Enota requires 50 hours of service per week.

Your stipend award is based on all hours over 35 per week at a rate of $5 per hour. To qualify for a stipend, and since you are considered an independent contractor and not an employee, you must complete an IRS form SS-4 to request a EIN and Trade Name. We can assist with this process. 

If you break your commitment or violate any Enota policies, no stipend award is payable and any remaining stipend award that might be payable is forfeited. If some unforeseen circumstance occurs that makes it necessary to break your commitment, with a minimum two-week notice, a smooth transition and a loving departure, there is the possibility of receiving the full stipend award. 

The first possible stipend award will be given during the seventh or eighth full week of participation, depending upon the designated cutoff days (the 7th and the 22nd of each month). There is typically ten days in holding. The actual stipend award gifting dates are only on the 1st and the 16th of any month, after 2 PM. 

Although no stipend award is available for your initial six weeks at Enota, if you complete one year of service at Enota, you will then receive a stipend for those six weeks. We typically do not offer stipend awards in the off season which is December 1st through April 1st unless you are part of the retreat business operation/promotion. 

You will be expected to keep accurate service time cards in order to receive the stipend award. 

All policies, including this stipend policy, are subject to change.

Service Incentive Benefit

If you stay at Enota for a full year, you qualify for a $50 per month benefit for every month served to be paid once a year on December 1st to offset the loss of the stipend award during the off season time.

This sum will be distributed once a year on December 1st.  If you leave early, no partial sum is distributed.

Service Time Cards

Time cards are located on the rack at the Front Desk and are to be kept up daily.  Please clock in and out for meals and breaks. Please make sure you take care of your well being by getting the breaks you need. It is your responsibility to clock in and out each day to ensure an accurate account of your time.

Tattoos, Piercing, and Dread Locks

We are in the service-based, hospitality industry that serves the public.  We are unable to accept individuals who have visible piercings other then earrings, tattoos, or uncovered dread locks. We honor all in their choices.  We have found it extremely difficult for the general public to accept this presentation.  We are service based and need to honor all including our elderly.  Therefore, no visible piercing, tattoos, or uncovered dreads are allowed.  We in no way want to discriminate against these things.  If you are able to keep them covered, then we would be willing to work with you.  We need to have a neat, clean, presentable appearance.


If you DO NOT follow policy, or perform in the business manner expected of you, YOU WILL BE LET GO.

If you are living on the property, you will be expected to leave by 11am following the day of termination. we are NOT in a landlord, tenant relationship. If you do not leave by the appointed time, once our work relationship has been terminated, you will be charged as a guest in the amount of $40.00 per day.

This does not apply to people who leave in good standing.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy on drinking alcohol, drug use, stealing, smoking, negativity, gossiping or violence. You will be packed up and escorted off Enota property IMMEDIATELY for a violation of any of these.

Theft & Lying

Towns County, the region we are located in, is considered one of the safest places to live in the entire United States according to the Wall Street Journal.  We want to keep it that way and do not want to bring the ways of the city and the world here.  Theft and lying will not be tolerated.  If you know of or see any stealing, abuse or misuse of Enota property, be a part of the solution or you are a part of the problem.  Report it to a Manager immediately.  

Time off – Major Holidays – Festival Weeks – Conferences

Extra time off is granted on a first come basis.  Requests must be made two weeks in advance in writing.  Obviously, since we are a service/hospitality facility, we must maintain a staff sufficient to exceed our guest needs, which means everyone is expected to do service on major holidays, festival weeks, weekends and conferences unless previously agreed to by management staff.   When these events fall on your normal days off, plan on doing service.  Your service schedule will be adjusted to cover these events and you will be given other days off.  Off season we will try to give you two consecutive days off (after your six week initial period) .  In season (March 15 - December 1) we will try to give you one to one and a half days off.  We will attempt to schedule couples times and days off together, when possible.

Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment are to be assigned and checked out daily with a Facilitator.  DO NOT ever leave any tools out, laying around or unattended.  Return tools to appropriate storage areas at the end of your shift and check them in with a Facilitator.  You will be personally and financially accountable for any non-returned or abused tools.  Check oil and maintenance before and after each use.  If you are uncertain or unclear about how to use equipment, please ask for instruction.  We ask you to be very careful and conscious with tools.  They are expensive and are vital to the enjoyable working experience.

Trips to Town

In order to conserve energy and resources, try to keep trips to town for Enota business to a minimum.   If you have a need, please let the Front Desk know so that we can expedite getting what we need and conserve.   If you are going to town, please check with the Front Desk.

TV Room

The TV room is available for everyone's (including guests) use.  It typically has satellite and receives the basic channels.   There is also a VCR.  Please leave the room neat and clean.


Uniform must be worn at all times when on the property.  This includes the farm area. Shirt MUST be tucked in.  We stay professional in appearance at all times.

            -Enota Shirt (Provided by Enota at a cost of $15)

            -3 pairs Black Dickie Cargo Pants or shorts (available online or at Walmart)

            -Belt (available at Walmart)

            -Black Undershirt during cold weather (available at Walmart)

            -Hiking Boot -Ozark Trail (available at Walmart)



Vacation is best taken between December 1st and April 1st.


It is a privilege to use Enota vehicles.  Do not abuse it.  All vehicles are to be used only during your service hours and for service.  Drive slow, no faster than five miles per hour.  They are not to be used for your own personal use - on or off the property.   Vehicles are for company work only only and not because you do feel like walking - use a bike instead for this purpose.   Don't leave anything in Enota vehicles - especially tools. These vehicles are expensive and vital to the operation of Enota.  If you cannot use the vehicles in a conscientious way, being responsible for them by not driving to fast, slowing down to go over bumps, staying awake and aware while using them, then do not use them.  You will be personally accountable  for any damage caused due to your lack of responsible use. Do not return Enota vehicles to the property with empty gas tanks.  You will be reimbursed with a receipt for gas upon your return.  (Also see "Trips to Town")  

Clean out the vehicles each time you use them of everything or don't use them.  Clean the inside and back bed when done with your work.  You are responsible to make sure it's clean when you bring it back.


        Wilderness areas and outdoor activities are inherently dangerous. You may encounter wildlife, slippery rocks, mud and broken tree limbs. As a guest member of Enota you assume all risks and responsibility for yourself and those with you. Enota is surrounded by the National Forest. As an Enota guest member, no one is to modify U.S. Forest Service property in any way without the proper permit from the U.S. Forest Service. This includes cutting or clearing any vegetation, trees, or tree limbs, blazing trails, building bridges, cleaning or modifying soil, gathering or cutting wood, changing the position of any rocks, or any other change not specifically mentioned. Please leave this public land as you found it and do not disturb or disrupt National Forest Service land.

Revised: May 2014

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